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What is the Lifestyle Service?

The Lifestyle Service is provided by a team of Lifestyle Coaches, helping people to make changes to their lifestyle that will improve their health and wellbeing.  The Lifestyle Service is provided by VAST and commissioned by Stoke-on-Trent City Council and has been operating since 2008.



Clients are referred via their Stoke on Trent based GP Surgery and the service is for anyone over the age of 18 years who meets at least 1 of the following:

  • Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) risk score of ≥20% (QRISK)
  • Pre diabetic – FPG 5.5 – 6.9mmol/mol or HbA1c 42 – 47mmol/mol (6 – 6.4%)
  • Have a BMI ˃30 (27.5 if Black Asian and other Minority Ethnic groups)  with at least one co-morbidity: COPD, High BP, heart failure, cancer
  • BMI ˃35 with no known medical condition
  • Antenatal & BMI ≥30 (27.5 if Black Asian and other Minority Ethnic groups)
  • Postnatal & BMI ≥30 (27.5 if Black Asian and other Minority Ethnic groups)
  • On CHD Register
  • Type 2 diabetes (HbA1c ≥48mmol/mol (6.5%))
  • Stroke (Post Stroke diagnosis, referrals from appropriate specialist HCP)
  • Post Cardiac Rehabilitation (to at least Phase III)
  • Mental Health – Patients with on-going moderate to severe mental health needs or illness, including for example those with chronic depression, bipolar affective disorders, psychosis, schizophrenia or those on CPA. The patients must be willing and able to engage in the programme (either with or without support).
  • Learning disability – In independent living and referral made via LD Health Check



How do I access the Lifestyle Service?

You must be referred to the Lifestyle Service by your doctor or nurse.
If you think you would benefit from the Lifestyle Service ask your GP, practice nurse or midwife.  They will check to see if you are medically suitable and if you are ready to make lifestyle changes.  They will then refer you to the service.

Check your BMI here to see if you might be eligible –



A Lifestyle Coach is specially trained:

  • to help people set lifestyle goals and put those goals into action
  • to support people as they make changes to improve their health and wellbeing
  • to promote activities that will encourage a long-term healthy lifestyle
  • to offer information and help with diet, exercise and how they feel about themselves

What happens when I am referred to the Lifestyle Service?

Once your referral is accepted by the Lifestyle Service your Lifestyle Coach will contact you to make an appointment.

Your Lifestyle Coach will help you to make a Personal Health Plan.
Your Lifestyle Coach will support you for up to 6 months as you put your Personal Health Plan into action.

It is very important to develop your own self-motivation for lifestyle changes and your Lifestyle Coach will encourage you every step of the way.


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The Lifestyle Service is provided by VAST and commissioned by Stoke on Trent City Council.

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